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Love announces and speaks Truth from the Heart

Love announces and speaks Truth from the Heart. Truth is Truth and can only be Love anything which is not Truth is a lie and therefore does not really exist.

Only Love can see Brilliance looking at Brilliance, as in True Reality, Heaven On Earth, we are Each mirrors of perfecting Love and only our Brilliance, our SUNS, diamonds inside, can see INSIDE OUT the Reflection Of Love Everywhere Present, and this is when life becomes REAL.

Love is REAL and when the true being can truly see from the inside out the walls and divisions from the imprisoned mind aka ego programmed hell, dissolves.

The ego is unable to see true reality, it exists in the mind not the heart of the inner being.

The ego runs from the truth, because it wants to stay alive, and in the Presence of Truth, ego dies.

Within Love there exists no separation, no isolation and so the ego or program cannot go into this new energy of Only Love.

Joy comes from the understanding and the experience of what TRUTH really is. When you are Constantly Present and Living in the Moment, you are then in the experience of True Reality, and all you experience is JOY.

What is it to be a MIRACLE? Breathing life in and out and being constantly present.

This is Where Miracles and Magic Unfold.

This is Where Home is and this is Where Truth Lives!

Mother Gaia

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