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Overview – unity call 29/03/2023

Highlighting what was discussed in our unity call on Wednesday the 29th of March.

How do we get more people at different levels of consciousness involved in this movement?

We share with everyone, but without expectation or attachment to how they receive it… when the student is ready the teacher appears… if they are ready they will be drawn in, if they are not yet ready, a seed was planted and awareness for where to come when they are.

A mass awakening is coming and it will be wildly uncomfortable for everyone… even those who feel they are ready, aren’t. Our nervous systems aren’t ready. Here, with Limitless we are creating a community of support to help each other through the huge transitions that are coming.

With the EGO mind dissolving as the frequency of love on the planet is so strong, mentally people will be feeling it and some will be very confused… that’s why the focus is on leaving the head and moving into the heart. Feeling our way through this process will be our compass, discernment is key. We recognize Truth by the way it feels.

EGO causes us to sabotage ourselves and it keeps us from growing and taking accountability for our lives

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