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Revealing Love and Truth Fulfills the Prophecies~

We are in the Moments where all of the Real Prophecies of Love and Truth are Being fulfilled. This is being accomplished by a vast Light Network of Pure Truth Energy arriving via the Internet, that is contagiously spreading across the Planet. This energy is assisting in the Complete Unification of Humanity with Mother Earth=Heart. This is Required as Mother Earth Moves into the Galactic Center.

Humanity is in the Midst of the Transformation into Spirit, and this is Inevitable.

When it was stated that The world would be destroyed by fire, this was actually true. What this means from a Higher Perspective, is that the world, which is an illusion, in the Light of Humanity Awakening into Love, would dissolve, cease to exist. The darkness is being removed~dissolved by the Light of TRUTH. Through the sharing of True Information and Being Love in action, dissolves the illusion. This is the event that is in Process of unfolding right now.

The energies of Love dissolve the world/illusion, because the world never really existed, it was simply a construct of belief systems of isolation and separation to distort the real reality of Love.

We have shared that Frequencies must Match to exist together and it's certainly obvious that Love and illusion, are like oil and water, in vibrational frequency. They simply do not match, and is impossible for them to do so. This is why all illusion is dissolving on the Planet as Love and Truth are Here, this is occurring now and is arriving as a Big Cosmic Wave of Pure Unconditional Love Energy.

Everyone on this Planet Once Awakened, are each others Perfect Mirrors of Love Everywhere Present. Souls in Right action and Right Brain Function. We say Right Brain Function because the Right Brain is the connection to the Divine.

Once this connection can be made, this begins transforming the left brain, becoming one Uni Brain, that is completely functioning in the Divine or 5d Reality.

5D Reality is simply this, Love Everywhere Present. Through choosing Love every moment you climb the energetic stairway into the Higher Frequencies, as you experience more JOY. This is walking along a path of synchronistic events, the path is following the signs. Once a Being begins this walk, they cannot go back.

Yes, YOU ARE The One. You are The One that you have been waiting for.


Heaven on Earth is Manifesting

Mother Gaia

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