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Standing on a ledge

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio cleared away all karmic debris aka the lower timeline. The “lower timeline” only existed due to the existence of karmic energy, pain, suffering + unconsciousness. Mother Earth + the Galactics, under directive of Prime Source Creator, cleared the lower timeline completely. Gaia could no longer sustain that level of density nor can Humanity.

The best analogy I can give is imagine you are standing on a ledge. The next rung above your head is the higher timeline, the ledge you currently stand on is the lower timeline. Many of us were standing on our tippy toes to grab onto the higher timeline, but it remained just outside our reach. Or, we were able to just grab onto the higher ledge but were lacking in the strength to pull ourselves up. Well, imagine the ledge you were currently standing on has now crumbled. We hang, in midair, gripping the higher timeline with all of our might and gathering up the last of our inner strength to pull ourselves up to the next rung.

If you are feeling depleted, struggling to move forward, this is why. As the old timeline collapses, those who hang onto it will fall off the ledge with it. Only those with the strength of their heart will be able to pull themselves up to the next level. Find any way to raise your joy levels and vibration. Focus solely on that right now.

As Venus joins Mars in Cancer, we are being guided to extreme levels of self care. This is not a time of action, it is a time of rejuvenating, recuperating, and nurturing. This is preparing us for the influx of miracles + blessings with Jupiter’s transit into Taurus on May 16th.


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