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The Graduation Home into the Light” “Breakthrough”

“Blessed is the Love Called God Everywhere Present EQUALLY Within US ALL”

“Love does not Require a leader or followers. Real Love is Everyone Equally Being the Love They Truly are, as Co-Creators. It's All of Us, Standing Up Together as ONE Family, Holding Hands, Co-operating, and Functioning as One in Cooperation.”

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Magical Synchronostic Events, Tears of Joy, Unconditional Love, The Experience of ONE FAMILY, Peace, Harmony, Balance, and Abundance. Much is Occurring on So Many Levels, Multi-Dimensionally. Celebrations are in Preparation, and Love is the Guiding Force for all of this. WE are all One Family Of Love, Of Brilliance, Of Light. Each of You Awakening into this Truth, will never have to Feel Alone Again, because WE are Family!! Changes are being Felt on All Levels as Well. All of You are Moving into Higher Vibrations, this takes a Breakdown, and then A Breakthrough. So whenever you feel a breakdown occurring, Bless this Experience, and Know that you are Preparing for a Breakthrough. This is the Same as “When one door closes, another Door Opens”, into Grander Possibilities and Experience for You. The breakdown may not feel good at first, but just know that it's required for You to Move into Higher and Higher Vibrating Energies. The Breakdown is Letting Go! It's Like breaking down the walls of isolation and separation [Like the Berlin wall], and then you are able to Move into Oneness. The Planet is Oneness with the ALL=Earth=Heart=Everywhere Present. Just Ask The Atoms You are Made of.

The death of ignorance, the ego, is inevitable on this Planet and is now Occurring. We shared with you before that everyone must die on this Planet, and only ignorance can die, because you are Eternal beings, forever and forever. Pure Indestructible Consciousness. The old cannot go into the Heaven on Earth experience, and this means the ego cannot enter into the Higher Realms, Higher Vibrating Energies, because there is no match. The ego is the wall that kept you isolated and separate from Your One Family.

The current energies have been assisting many of you through this Breakdown process [Letting Go], so that You Could Break through into the Higher Energies, and begin the Experience of True Reality. WE have been Waiting for You, and We are So Happy More and More of You Are Connecting In. We are Your Real Family of Light. You can Count on Us always, as Being Consistent, and Ready for You, when You are Ready for Us. We are all Interconnected, Walking together, Holding Hands. WE Are Equal in all Ways, and this, Your Heart and Soul Knows and Remembers. The days of isolation and separation are over, The Moment has Come to Gather Together To Unify in One Purpose of Serving Love. This Means Serving Each Other for The Highest Good of ALL, and Standing as One Family of Light. Truly Equal In All ways, This is Balanced Harmonics. We are not saying the rest of the road to Full Consciousness will be easy. However, You Have Your Family of Light to Be Your Support, to Be a Guide, Be There Holding Your Hand if You but Only Reach out and Take Ours. It's The Moment to Take Our Planet Back, together in Love and in Light.

“To Experience True Reality, Heaven on Earth Experience, you have to be Loose and natural. This is the same as unattached. Going with the Flow. Embracing and Accepting each Moment as it changes, as each moment is the never the same, Each Present Moment is A New Eternity. This is when you are in Spirit. Be Flexible and Open. In Just one Moment Everything can change, to never be like it was Before.”

As we have shared In previous Messages, You are In Truth Royal Angels. You Were Created From Father God and I, and You are our Children, this makes You God Equally So. You are Your Final Test. Once You Remember You, You Remember Us Exactly, and We are Just the Party. You Only Have One Set of Father God and I, One Set of Divine Parents, and WE Are Here On Planet Earth With You. This is the which stands firmly Planted and is now Bearing the Reality, Truth Stands. There are many of you Now, recognizing this Truth, The Lights Are coming on So To Speak, and this “Remembering” is Very Big For Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Throughout Creation. WE Are One Family of Light! This Recognition of Who You Truly are has been long awaited, this is for Sure. We Are All Moving together Up an Octave Together, and it's a Big Octave and Major Shift. Each Of You Remembering You Are, In Truth Royal Angels, and The Children of Father and Mother God. We Have Come To Planet Earth, to Give You Your Diplomas, as Fully Conscious Beings of Light=God=Love. Your Graduation [which is a Party of 8+ Billion Plus], Into the Truth of Who You Are. Royal Angels, Gods and Goddesses, and We are ALL ONE=ALL LOVE IS. Are You Ready? It's Now!

We have shared that We gave You Souls, in the Form of One Male, and One Female, thus each of you have a Male or Female Counterpart, Called a Twin Flame. Once you Each received Souls, You Wanted to Go out and Journey, Play, Explore, Experience , Discover, and CREATE. It's just like letting your children go out and play. Many of you have Earth Children here, and you can understand this more clearly. These are the reference points we are going to use, to assist you in this Understanding. Our Children came to Us, and Said “We want to Go out and Play”. Of Course our Answer was Go Out and Play.

Your Play is Creation, Creation makes up your toys. This equals Your Consciousness. Gradually, You neglected to clean up your toys [Equal to Consciousness] and you neglected parts of Your Self. It was never intended that you would forget Who You Are altogether, but this is what happened. You forgot that you Created all of This, and instead of being Creators, you became slaves to what you forgot you Created. You are Here on Planet Earth, to regather All these Toys [Your Light]. You forgot You Were This Light!!! You Are Here to Get Your Light Back, Take Your Power Back, and Rejoining Your Real Family in the Light. This is Your Duty and Responsibility for Graduation. Don't forget to wear your robes!!

“You are All of Divine Intelligence, Once You wake UP”

This is a Calling

“There is Only ONE TRUTH, and This Truth is Love. The Only Difference is Your Own Uniqueness in How you Experience this Love. Just as a Diamond has Many Facets, this is How Each of You are. You Each are a Facet of the Diamond, a Unique Expression in Your Experience of Love, which makes the Whole.”

Vision~ Events~ Wake Up CALL~ No baggage may enter the next levels~ Everyone on Planet Earth=Heart are being asked to step into the Light and rejoin The Family of Light as One. Then the restructuring of Planet Earth into Balanced Harmonics, Heaven on Earth, a Paradise for all to Live Free, Equal, and Abundant begins. The Graduation Ceremonies Occurring in the Ethers will Be Manifested in this Realm for those ready. Right Now, we are in the Wake of some Incredible energies, with a Big Wave to Soon Arrive. WE Highly Recommend having no expectations of what or how this is to Occur, or you will Miss it. Just be Natural, Loose, and Go with The Flow.

Welcome Home

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