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There are only 2 choices in every Moment, Love or fear

Humanity will not be surrendering to the fantasy, Humanity will Be Surrendering to True Reality. There are only 2 choices in every Moment, Love or fear. When fear is the choice you go into survival and control.

Within this, you block the Energies of Creation. When Love is the Choice you move into True Freedom of the Expression of Love, and with Love you can walk through the Doors to More Love.

This is where You Become a “Co-Creator”, With Love as Your Guide. Together, More of the Expressions of Love are Created in Grander and Grander Ways.”

The Present Moment does not fit into a box and it cannot be controlled. Control was what occurred in duality, illusion, the old paradigm.

Many of you cannot release this belief, and it runs very subtly across “spiritual” egos.

An indicator of the old paradigm dressed up to look brand new is the illusion of control. They tell you, you can control your reality if you put enough focus and intention on it. This is a lie, The Present Moment of Now is Love, and Love cannot be controlled. There is nothing you have to do, and Everything to BE.

Control cannot exist in the Present Moment of Now, because control is restricting and limiting, and is illusion. While the Present Moment of Now is Love and Freedom to Express this Love always in the Highest Expression.

Many of you, because you were taught linear thinking, duality, right and wrong, See The Wholistic Whole Truth in our information and disregard it.

In duality, linear thinking, you control and manipulate the energy to maintain the illusion. This makes the energy static, chaotic. The reason that resistance comes With The Whole Truth of Love that We Share, is because it cannot be controlled.

The egos and those stuck in illusion only know how to control and manipulate, if this cannot occur then it's disregarded.

“There is no insanity in Love, insanity only occurs in illusion.”

“The reason the ego developed a fantasy, was because it did not like itself in the first Place. It had to create something to make it seem superior, and that it could control. Love is Now Here, and all fantasies will be revealed to Be Healed, So Love can Fill in the Gaps.”

Love does not fit inside a box, illusion was the box.

Set Your Thoughts Free and only Those that Serve the Highest Good For You and ALL Will Come Back To You. When this occurs, you open the door For Higher and Higher Understandings to come to You, to Experience, “In the Name of Love”.

The New Paradigm of Love cannot be controlled or manipulated, no one is in control, Love is just in charge.

Love is Free Energy. If you look around in your current world, as it is crumbling to pieces, you can see for yourself how controlling and abusing the energy worked. It's obvious it did not. Let Go of all control, except Your Choice of Love in Every Moment, which isn't control at all, but Freedom.

What do you choose Love or fear?

Mother Gaia

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