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There is ONLY LOVE, and Love Equals Freedom

The Road to Full Consciousness comes with challenges, but each of You have been very Prepared prior to this incarnation for this Task. We Know it takes Courage, and we will say that ALL of You have This Courage within You, as You are made of LOVE. When you get to the understanding that EVERYTHING is just Energy, you can Easily make your way through breaking down the walls, that have been a block to reaching Full Consciousness.

So Much Joy Awaits You, a Constant Joy and Inner Peace that has been kept from You for a Very long time. The walls were just belief systems passed down to you through the Status Quo. They are but superstitions, that were based only on illusion and lies.

In Love and Full Consciousness there are no such things as belief systems. All is Just Love, The Energy of Love. Anything and Everything that is not Love is Simply not real, an illusion. “There is ONLY LOVE, and Love Equals Freedom. In Truth, death is just an illusion, and only existed in ignorance. Stand Up NOW, there is nothing else.” Your and all Humanity's whole world has been based on illusion, a fantasy, none of it was Real.

This Truth will be shocking to most of Humanity, but they will Get over it Quickly, as their Freedom is Returned to you, and Tears of Joy Fill You Up with The Truth of Who You Really are. Then You Can Look At Each other “REALLY” for the Very First Time in Over 13 Millenia. Now, The Change of Love is Here, and shatters ALL the illusions.

Humanity is Headed for a Return to Full Consciousness, this is Inevitable, because ignorance is dying. It no longer belongs on this Planet, All Is Love PERIOD. Those choosing ignorance will be toast. This is the Reality. What's going on across the Planet. Right Now is Facilitating the death of ignorance. “All Love is, is made of Creation. Creation is made of Energy, and if you are Here on this Planet, You Will Remember ALL Love IS. This is What is Now Happening on this Planet. Full Consciousness is the Remembrance of all Love is, because All Love is, IS Who You Are.” “If you are ignorant you are dead, if You Are Awake, You Are ALIVE. Earth=Life, Life Is Awake and Alive. All ignorance is nothing, it does not even exist, it's an illusion.” “What happened is that You Forgot Who You Really are, and then ignorance became your god. Now its the Moment to Remember Who You Are, and Allow Love to Be Your Commander. Happy Awakening!"

Mother Gaia

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