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Unlocking Universal Abundance

Unlocking Universal Abundance - We are the QFS. Many have heard of the QFS, as well as NESARA/GESARA. The basis of these platforms is the establishment of the Quantum Financial System. However, many have continued to give their power away to external forms of this "system", not realizing that WE, Humanity, are the QFS and Source the true NESARA/GESARA. The QFS is a system based on Intent, Frequency, Embodiment (of our higherselves) and Integrity.

Therefore, it cannot be hijacked or controlled by any single person or group.

Imagine the QFS as a quantum energetic network that is already in existence, as it is connected to the Limitless Quantum Field.

We are connected to this system through our auric fields, and through our own personal quantum field (The Heart).

It's based on frequency, meaning that one cannot access the QFS if they are not operating at the same frequency, the frequency of Love, Truth, Abundance=Source.

It is through our frequency that we unlock our personal abundance and limitless potential.

Our currency is our hearts, our soul and the embodiment of our Higher Self.

In essence, our frequency is the key to unlocking the QFS, our embodiment is how we establish ourselves as members of the QFS, and effectively establish our own personal currency within this system that is based on our cosmic blueprint.

We then navigate the QFS and utilize our currency through our intention.

Because the QFS is based on divine intelligence, it ONLY responds to pure intent, without any distortions, self-importance or corruption.

When we place our intent for what we are seeking to manifest or receive through the QFS, it must be purely for the highest good of all, and not based on any EGO wants, needs or desires.

Finally, the way the QFS self-corrects, is through the discernment of integrity.

If a being establishes themselves into the QFS through their embodiment and manifests abundance from the QFS with pure intent but falls out of integrity with the use of that abundance either due to the EGO or not aligning with Universal Law, the QFS will then reject your soul's currency until integrity can once again be established.

This is how the Abundance Grid self-corrects and stays in alignment with love.

Decreed by Heaven, Let's Lighten this Planet Up. Joy is the Only Reality~ Heaven on Earth=Heart Has Been Decreed. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Mother Gaia

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