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We are the pure Spirit behind the ‘spiritual’ ego

There is a spiritual ego in play currently that is still keeping us in the illusion- running through the New age arena and Spiritual community like a raging fire. Even as there is a physical, vital and mental ego, there is a very advanced and clever Spiritual ego running rampant, viral. It is time we all recognize this false ego and put it out of the playing field for good, cleansing and purifying the heart and Spirit to the core with the True Sacred Fire of Love. It is time for us to fully remember we are ONE. There is no hierarchy in the Oneness. No hidden motive or organizations managed and run with control, power and the money agenda. We can and must recognize within ourselves this false ego agenda and stop following false profits operating from inflated egos, stop supporting it. The time of the old paradigm is over. It is time to give up that way, and come back to the way of the Divine Feminine. Co Creation, love based, kindness and humility.

There are people who have made a great effort to overcome all their egoism and all their limitations, and attained a spiritual consciousness; and even still – they have all the vanity and that inflated sense of their importance, feeling they have perfected themselves- have a subtle contempt for those who are not in the same elevated level of Initiation as they feel they are. These Elevated Beings say and feel that they are filled with Spirit, and are beyond most others in levels of consciousness. They feel they are or are on the verge of becoming a type of God Being, filled with the Spirit of Love and Light. Which seems to give them a greater then thou attitude around others in their team.

Is it truly Spiritual or Spirit I question however? It is time to awaken to the truth- WE are ONE. There is no Greater one in Spirit.

When talking about the Spirit I don’t mean a particular Soul, but the True Essence, the One vast and limitless Spirit, which is beyond every manifestation.

However, it seems this is how the ego cleverly disguises itself in the Spiritual arena…we can know and see this in many So called ‘Spiritual Leaders’ on the circuit, in the mainstream, not by how they act on the public forum, but behind the scenes. The ruling ego is a controller and is still operating in the old paradigm of power and cleverly disguised forms of me, me, me.

Each ego unit considers itself and it’s needs as very important, as very real, and desires to survive and gain power over the other egos in the play. This leads to clashes between them. Each one is shackled to its belief system, thoughts and ideas, and will do everything to defend them.

Indeed, all that is ridiculous and bad in the ego, they find there once again in it’s elevated form. There are many, many people out there on the Spiritual Circuit right now like that. Spiritual Leaders, Gurus and such. They have overcome what was there in the physical consciousness but the very effort they have made to master themselves and this victory they have gained give them the sense of their extreme importance. So they become puffed up and assert their authority.

Over the years of working in the realms of spirituality I have seen this over and over again a vain type of superiority around being such a special God like Soul, touched by a kind of enlightenment and the message of Higher Power. An ‘On high’ Authority Figure beyond anything in the ordinary realm- acting out as if they are a God themselves.

Instead of feeling humbled that God’s Grace has allowed this important message to come through them, there is more of a feeling of a ‘high’ comprising of conceit and arrogance. So much so, that they tend to look down on the rest of humanity as ‘poor unenlightened’ ones or ‘less than’. They tend to mistreat those in their closest circles very often.

This takes away all the steps that they may have taken forward, and brings us all back to ‘ground zero’. As this is a lesson for the whole- This behavior is not enlightened at all although in many ways the glamour looks like the Light~ But it is still only the of “Spiritual Ego”, a false sense of superiority over those who are still only moving into the higher realms of spiritual learning.

This form of the ego is more dangerous than the ordinary one! For one is not aware that it is the ego. Outwardly, when one is egoistic, not only does one know it oneself but others make you realize it still more, and circumstances prove it to you every moment. It is obvious!

But when one is in a position of great spiritual authority, unfortunately it is much more covert- you meet people who respect you highly, and do your bidding to be in your supposed essence, that person does not even recognize or is even aware that the Spiritual Teacher is operating from a place of deep egotism.

This is very dangerous place to be. Spiritual vanity is much more serious than physical vanity.

It can be difficult to recognize when we are caught in ego because we are used to seeing through the eyes of body here in form. That’s why we must remember that ego consists of opposites and that we really know nothing. The entire thought system of ego must go. Both sides of the coin….the supposed good and bad. If we move from one negative side, to its opposite of positivity/spirituality, we are still trapped within it and have yet to experience ourselves as the divinity and perfect creations that we ARE!

The moment we think we know something, and have declared ourselves to be a guru, a special teacher, messenger of God or enlightened or a part of a special group….. then we are trapping ourselves in this bubble of spirituality, and we have put a cap on our own learning unknowingly. We are here to get in touch with our own internal teacher, and learn from It. This takes practice and awareness of what the ego does, and how it traps us into believing its our friend, or enemy; so that we can trust another voice instead. This ego is neither our friend or enemy, it is simply meaningless. It is realized as such when we are finally done with suffering entirely, and open to this truth inwardly to be taught.

A true spiritual experience must be free from the claim of the ego. What the ego can do, however, is to get proud of having the experience and think: “What a great one am I?” Or it may think, “I am the Self, the Divine. So let me go and do what I will, for it is the Divine who wills in me.” It is only if the experience of Self imposes silence on the other parts and frees the psychic that the ego disappears. Even if not ego itself, numerous fragments and survivals of ego-habit can remain and have to be eliminated.

The ego is dependent on the thoughts that the mind thinks. These thoughts evoke feelings and desires, which evoke action. If a desire cannot be fulfilled, anger, unhappiness or hostility arises.

Believing we are this ego, each one of us enacts the role of a specific actor on the stage of life. This ego is the mask hiding the real Spirit that we are. Identification with the role we play makes us forget who we really are, and go on thinking we are this or that.

Forgetting our true essence is due to seeing through the eyes of the ego. This is the reason for suffering, unhappiness, depression, anger, conflicts, lack of satisfaction and every other negative feeling. But these negative feelings and situations are sometime the reason for the awakening of the desire to find who we really are, to come home and to return to what we really are – The Pure Spirit. WE, the ONE is the pure Spirit behind the hidden, personal agenda of he spiritual ego. time to give up the game, the final game before we can go home to our truth as ONE.

Mother Gaia

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