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We wish to share a moment of peaceful prayer to the current illusionary belief systems

....We wish to share a moment of peaceful prayer to the current illusionary belief systems and send them loving energies for their complete dissolvement. They have played their roles and are no longer needed in the New paradigm.

The People are the Real Government, as decreed and Now this is in complete manifestation. All of Humanity Are to Be Free In Love Through Divine Birthright and Now will each, begin to live true spiritual lives of Peace and Unconditional Love....The current societal belief systems are corrupt and do not support Life. All that does not support Life is dissolving, For the Highest Good of All...

We ask each of you at this time to take a moment and say the following words with US ~~~

~I Now ask that all of Humanity's and My "I Am Presence" step forward and that Our every Thought, Word, and Deed be a Mirror of the Real Love we are and hold for all Beings. I ask and Give Thanks For Peace, Harmony, Happiness, and Abundance to return to all of God's Children Now.

I ask for a Peaceful and smooth transition into a Universal Government in Support of Love, for all OF Us, AS One. I ask and give permission that illusion fades quickly now and the Real Light steps forward on Planet Earth=Heart, the Reality of OUR SHARED LOVE IN The Highest Truth and True Equality! I ask and Give Permission that My "I Am Presence" step forward and that My Every Thought, Word, AND Deed, is Forever in Accordance with The Divine plan.

I am Making a Commitment Today right Now, to step forward into the River of Life as ONE LOVE and Fully Participate In my Divine Contract in Service to Love and The Whole Truth. I am Making a Commitment to Serve Love and Love Only, so that all energies not in alignment with Love dissolve forever. So it is On Earth as it is In Heaven, and SO it Is, and So shall Be, forever and forever More...

Welcome to Your True Awakening! The Incoming Energies will Be a daily shifting Experience.

Thank You For Being the Love You are And Standing With Us In All Love IS.

All Past Actions done towards Love in the illusion are Now forgiven with Grace and Forgiveness, so We Now may all Move On together As One Shared Love.

Let Go of everything which is not a Loving Thought, Love Yourselves, Each Other and Be Free!

In Service to ALL Love is, For the Greater Good Of ALL On Planet Earth=Heart.

Mother Gaia

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