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Your body is made up of the Energy

Since Most of You understand now that your body is made up of the Energy that are Atoms. What occurred in the illusion for Humanity or the ignorance of self is that they took their energy and attached "stuff" to it as part of a Fantasy, which was just the dream.

So they actually "thought" the made up fantasy was real, because it was energy, misused and distorted energy, energy utilized outside of self. If you can look at the deeper understanding of energy, let's look at emotion.

Emotion is fear, which is just energy, and your programmed body translated that as fear. To transform this fear, you embrace the energy of fear, which is not real in the first place fear aka false evidence appearing real and let this go. Then the released energy is replaced with the Real Energy of Love. Release and then an Intake of Spirit.~

~Fighting with the darkness aka the illusion, is like fighting with the shadows on the wall in the cave, when you fight the darkness the darkness wins. How do You Over Come darkness? by letting go of the shadows and walking out of the cave towards the Light. Then the shadows cease to exist.~

~In letting go of the shadows of illusion, you are letting go of nothing, and yet embracing the Reality of Light and Truth, in which you receive Everything~

~Reality is the Truth, and the Truth is the Light~

Mother Gaia

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