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~ Gratitude Prayer~ Its Time

Thank You For the Many Blessings and Love Surprises today as I walk in Love with my every thought and my every action. Thank You for The Miracles and The Magical Synchronostic Events which Are Lighting Up My Life with Overflowing Joy. Thank You for The Laughter Today during the AHA Moments as I remember More of the Love I Truly am and share this with Others. Thank You for all this Energy of Love and Oneness Pouring Into the Planet and Through Me Activiating All which is dormant so I may Serve In the Whole Ness Of Love.

Thank You for the Increased Visions of Love which is Assisiting in the Manifestation of The New Earth where Only Love Exists. Where The Entire Planet is Living in Peace, Balance and Harmony.

I am Honored, I am Worthy of All Love is and I Thank Love This Day for this realization in My Life.

Thank You Love, Thank You Angels, I Am Here, I Am Present and I Am Ready to Be Who I Really Am and To Live My Life In Love. ITS TIME, Dreams of Love Do Come True!

Mother Gaia

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