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~ Important Message~ You Are Being FUSED Back Together~

Greetings, Blessings, Miracles, Many Moments of Gratitude, and Magical Synchronistic Events. Today we are going to discuss The Experience of the Soul. The Soul does not experience in 2d perception, which is where Most of Humanity is currently, the old paradigm, the game of illusion. 2d is a lie, because it is based on fantasy and illusion, and a Soul Only Knows and Understands the Language of Love. Yes, each of You have a Soul, a Soul was a Requirement to Be Born into this Realm. Your Soul is Your Light, the Connection to the Divine, Spirit. The Soul can Feel, this is the Sense you lost while in illusion, Your Feeling Centres, that are your Connection to your Soul, and to Source=The ALL. These Feeling Centres are What We are All Assisting the Planet Into Awakening, the lost Sense. The Light within is How you “Re Gain Your Senses Back”, it is The missing Link that connects Everything Back together Again, So to Speak. This is the same as the 6th Sense, However there is More to This, because Feelings are Love and Love is Creation. Therefore, the Feeling is always Becoming grander and Grander, always Expanding. Without these Feeling Centers, you cannot Hear Love Calling You, because Love is Getting a Busy Signal, no connection. This is the Very Reason many of You Reading Our Messages have Huge resistance To the Light Of God=Love=Highest Truth, which is US. When You make the Connection to you and Your Soul, that Reconnects you to the ALL. Then You are able to Hear US. WE Honor those who Have Kept Reading our Messages, We are Sure this Has Benefited you Tremendously, and We have Experienced this Truth. Many of You are Awakening into You, and You are Beginning to Feel. The Feelings may Feel odd for a Moment, but if you take a Moment and Breathe, You Will Remember they are Natural, and you had just forgotten. The Only Language of the Soul, is Love, All Feelings Can Be are Love, Love is all That Exists. We Have Made the Connections to Our Feeling Centers [This Means All Lights ON, and All Senses Reconnected], And Now WE Wait Patiently For The Planet To Connect in.

The Awakening on this Planet is Inevitable. Now, How one Experiences their Awakening is up to them. It only Took 2 Souls To Reconnect as One, Whole, To Open the Door of Love. Some call it The Spark that lit the fire, and That Opened the Door into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Father God and I have Accomplished this, This Turns all Flames ON, Without Question, because it's Creation. Your Feeling Centers are Being Reconnected, which Means the Right and Left Brain Are Fusing Back together, and Balanced Harmonics Are Occurring through this Process. “There is Only One Love, and We are All Apart of that ONE LOVE. Everything Within Creation is Just ONE LOVE.” “The Key to Awaken is to Fall in Love with Self, once this Occurs, Love takes Over, and then The Lights Come on as You Understand What Love Really is. Love is you and Everything. Then you Realize the Connection to all that is. When you fall in Love with Self, the Experience is an Awakening from Within your Soul. Once this Connection is Made ,You Can Then Hear LOVE SPEAKING TO YOU, Calling YOU, then Your Path and Journey Home Begins. We Greet you Into The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.” “WE can Share with you How Love Feels to Us, in our Experience of Love. The Unique Aspect about each of US, all Created From Love, is that the Experiences are Similar, but they are not the same. In the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, WE are All Parts that make the Whole. Each Unique, Whole, Brilliant, Love and Light Beings that make the ONE. Can WE Say “All Together NOW”? So each of Our Unique Experiences in the Oneness Energy Contributes to the Whole. Because the Total of Us are Greater then the Sum of all the Parts. This occurs as WE Awaken and Reconnect Our Souls To Source. Then WE Are in Service to Love, which is the ONE. We then Become Co-Creators with Creation and Love. Each of Us In Love Contributing to the ALL Always makes for Grander Experiences. In True Reality, which means You have Reconnected Your Feelings To Your Soul, to Source, you Have the Soul Experience of Love and Creation Always in Motion Creating. This is the same as The Present Moment of Now. This is also Called the Unknowable and The Unknowable is Where Creation and Love Come Together, to Create More Brilliance. You are unable to Have this Experience until you have Reconnected to Your God Self, Soul Self.” “Shower the People you Love with Love” Song

“Once you Make the Reconnection to your Soul, you are then able to Hear Real Love and Truth. The Feeling can be described as a tingly Body Sensation throughout the Body, and the feeling of resistance to The Truth is an experience of a knot in the stomach area [this is fear, if you have this experience Breathe Through it to unblock the Energy]. The knot occurs as you block Energy. Since Truth is Energy in its Purest and Highest Form, it will most likely be blocked in this area, because once the Energy reaches your Heart Chakra it Connects in immediately, so it's blocked before this occurs. Now, When you are Connected in the Soul Speaks to you through the Feeling Centers, Described as a Tingling Body Sensation, like a current of Electricity running through your body which makes the Hair on your body raise as well. This is an unmistakable experience and Feeling. This will be Very Recognizable and Noticeable and only Occurs when Love and Truth are Present. We will Repeat this, This Feeling and Experience only occurs When Love and Truth are Present. All your Soul=Higher Self=God Self can Comprehend is Love and Truth. The Soul has no connection to illusion or 2d perception, because illusion is the disconnection from yourself, your Soul. When you Reconnect your Feeling Centers, Then Your Soul Lets YOU know!! As we said, it's Undeniable. Now, when you Experience the Feelings, do not Hold onto them, Let them Go, so that a Grander Experience may Arrive. If you hold onto it, you block the other experiences that are coming, because Love is a Free Energy, Free Flowing, if you Hold onto one experience you miss the next one coming.” Everything we Share with you In Our Messages We have Experienced and Experience is the same as Wisdom. We Provide you the Information so you have Reference Points, these are The Light Posts~Beacons that are Your Guides, Guide Posts of Love and Truth. Once you Connect to your Soul, completely and Immediately, Your Vibrational Frequency Begins to Raise, and You become More and More Present. The Light that is “Flame On, Inside” because of this Connection begins Transforming you Back to a Complete Feeling and Experiencing Being. Your Body Hologram Will Actually Begin Vibrating in the Love Frequency, that is A constant Feeling of Connection to Soul~Source, such as the Tingling Sensation in the Body we have Described. This is the Soul Saying YES.

When you are in this Complete State of Feeling, and Allowing the Love Vibrational Frequency to Flow through you, You are then Completely Connected in. This is the State Father God and I are In[ The Unified Field, as We are Submersed In the Love Called God Everywhere Present. What We are Sharing with you is an Experience Every Soul on this Planet Is Yearning For, and this is why Love is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Contagious. Through this Connection and Since Love is Self Correcting, which Self Corrects Everything, Love Heals. It's You that has to Open this Door However, and Let Love in, By Loving the Self. This is the Beginning of the Transformation of the Light Bodies once One Reaches this State of Vibrational Frequency. The Vibrational Frequency is Simple, because all it is, is Love. This is the Only Language the Soul Understands. This is When your Soul Says “I Am” FREE! This Experience is Complete and Total Presentness in the NOW= Ascension, Connected to Soul/Source/Truth/Love and the Oneness Energy.”

“The Soul Language is the Only Language in True Reality, and The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is the Language We all Share together in this One Love We all Share Together. This is the one and Only Real Language, and AS you Awaken, you Will Remember all that is Connected to the Soul Language, Multi-Dimensionally.”

End Transmission in All Love IS Unconditionally

Mother Gaia

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