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~ Moving into Balanced Harmonics and The New Schools~

Once the Whole Planet Does Awaken, it will be in a Perfected State of Balanced Harmonics, providing equal Abundance to ALL. Not only will you be Abundant within your Family Groups, but you will have So much, you will be Able to Provide for Your Family and Everyone around you. In addition to this, the Others around you will be sharing Abundantly with you.

When the Earth is restored to Balanced harmonics, she will be able to Provide for More than 65 Billion Beings, over abundantly. This is what will Occur when Everyone is Awakened.

This Truth alone, should Propel you to Awaken the Others, so that We may Share this Experience of Balanced Harmonics Together, which is Harmony, Peace, Abundance and Equality for the ALL. This is accomplished by Being the Love we are, Equally Expressed With each Other, in Our Own Uniqueness, which adds to the Whole.


Mother Earth's Preferences for Everyone on this Planet is to Work with The Earth. Such as Planting and Growing things. We can Start with the Children on this Planet, by teaching them the True Reality and their Connection to ALL that IS.

Your current school systems are set up by the Illuminati minions, for the purpose of making the children slaves to their system.

In the New Energy, these Schools will be replaced, the Current Schools are Now full of Crystal Ones, bored to death, because they cannot be programmed, which is what the current schools are set up and designed for. The Crystal Ones know exactly what is going on, and cannot be manipulated.

WE will give Two Examples of some of the Solutions for These "New Children" that have arrived on Planet Earth. We will begin with Kindergarten.

In Kindergarten they should Learn How to Grow things. This strengthens the Right side of their Brain. This teaches them Communication and Strengthens the Telepathic Capabilities they're born with. This also teaches them Communication with Creation, By Growing Flowers, plants, and food. This connects them into the Planet.

They have no need to learn ABC's, or How to Read. They have Way Grander Skills, such as Telepathy, that does not require them to need those old paradigm teachings.

Then in First Grade, after they learn how to Grow, Take care of the Planet and work with the Planet, teach them how to Build things. Small things, such as out of Popsicle Sticks, etc. This helps them connect into the left side of the brain. By Accomplishing this, they are Balancing out their Left side and Right Side Brains, making them Function Together, as The Divine Intelligence they Truly are. This is only the beginning of How the New Schools will Operate.

Mother Gaia

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