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~ The Return to Oneness Event

~ The Return to Oneness Event ~HUmanity is returning to the truth that They are All indeed a Family of One, who truly participate In Love Everywhere Present in Harmony and Balance. The Foundation for The Inevitable return to this State of Being Full Consciousness, has been Firmly Planted and Grounded into Mother Earth=Heart, which includes all of Her Inhabitants. Those that can hear us and understand whats unfolding, the darkness right now as decreed is falling apart because Love is Here, completely Present. What was the darkness? The ego/mind that kept Humanity separate from Real Love~ Now Love is Here and the ego mind dissolves, So That Loves Human Family can Once again Re~Unite With ALL Love IS~ ~The Simple Truth in these Moments is to stay Present, so that You Are Participating In the Grandest Event in All of Creation and watching the Fantastic show of Fireworks as Love, the Fire of Truth burns~ dissolves all remaining density=unconsciousness=illusion on the Planet, which for clarity is all density=low vibrational thoughts. As unconsciousness dissolves, the Space is then Open for Love to Pour In, in Grander amounts of Joy to be experienced by HUmanity. The Real Whole Truth of Love which is Only of the Highest Joy is contagiously, swiftly and quickly Spreading Across the Planet, transmuting and gaining an unstoppable momentum~ ~Within this Event of realigning with Source, is the Vision that All of Humanity was Born Into in this lifetime, this Vision is Grander then any fiction or fantasy the mind/ego could ever imagine or dream up. In this Vision is the Birth of a New Paradigm of Only Love with the Re~union to Humanity's Family which is ALL of Creation.~ The Truth is Found and Discovered through the Heart of the inner being that lay awaiting your Conscious awareness. Truth is Alive Within You, and only through Being a Conscious Being you can then UNDERSTAND Who you Truly are...Then You Recognize.. YOU are YOU, TRULY ALIVE AND are MADE UP OF ATOMS THAT ARE ONLY LOVE. Once You Reach this understanding, you are Alive and Conscious=Spirit~ You Remember you are Unlimited thought and unlimited thought produces unlimited possibilities. Heaven on Earth is the Destiny of the Planet and is within each Brilliant being here, walking on the Planet aware or unaware...the Destiny is being fulfilled. For we all go together as ONE, into the New Earth. ~ What is Now unfolding is All of Creation is Becoming One Again. Mother Earth is the Being, who is The Heart of this Universe, and Now ALL Eyes Are on Planet Earth=Heart, as this Once In a Moment Re~union, the Heart of this Whole ENTIRE Universe Allows and Embraces The Grandest Event to Ever Occur for all of Creation, The Return to Complete Oneness~ This Event is The completion, A Full circle, and the Final Connection that connects all Universes, Galaxies, and all the living Presence everywhere throughout Creation together as ONE! Mother Gaia

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