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~ Your Inner Love~

Throughout your whole earthly life, there is a spiritual realm that has always loved you........ Unconditionally.

We as humans are blessed to experience an earthly existence in a world where many opportunities come our way to bring out that hidden realm. That hidden realm is our Divinity within. Our connection to the Mighty Godself is always within all of Us, but is camouflaged by the outer world and our struggles to survive.

The lower animal world is not aware of this inner realm. It is the human that has been given this Blessed opportunity to recognize and embrace its existence.

No matter what your social status is in society - rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, your inner-divinity waits patiently for you to recognize its existence and love for you.

Being an infinite source of love, your divinity never judges nor abandons you. The world, as it is now, is presenting all kinds of extreme conditions for humanity. The worst and the best of a person is being displayed daily in the News, and the deepest of evil is now apparent in many wartorn countries. Unfortunately, owing to the nature of journalism, we do not get to hear often enough of the many acts of selflessness and gallantry by those who are saving, and also, rebuilding lives.

When One is ready or makes that choice to look deep within and connects with their Divinity, it is a feeling of "coming Home." Not just coming home to a material house, but a home where we find our True Self, our higher aspect of Self. It is within all of humanity.

Not all souls are in a place where they have that opportunity to connect within. For those of us who are, it will be a homecoming like no other. Connecting with the Divinity of our Self is connecting us directly to the Source of All. All information we need for our journey, plus the guidance to follow it through, is all there within.

We can still live in the outer-world while being connected to our Divinity. Life takes on a new and higher meaning, and it also connects us more with the people we interact with in our day. We look at Nature and know its true roots.

How beautiful life becomes...... when living in Awareness and Divine Love.

Mother Gaia

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