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Looking through rose colored glasses the ego peers out of the eyes, the true being inside asleep and maybe half awakened to the truth of who we all truly are.We are all Brilliant Suns of light, truth, joy and love.Currently there is a battle occuring, the true armageddon, the battle of the ego mind and heart. The heart, the true essence which connects us all into being one, uniquly expressed and the ego mind wanting to hang onto the past and the old . As the true being awakens to real Truth and Light, then may we move to experience Love as life expressed and through new eyes see Love everywhere present. In this day, and moments, COURAGE brings forth new realities in which challenges all that has come before. A true being embraces the change, while the old being or ego, questions and demands proof of such existence.The Kingdom of Heaven is when the true being is PRESENT, in every moment, and exists only in the present moment. We are Magnificent, Brilliant Suns and that is GRAND indeed, the ego can only hide this from all for only a little longer until it is released back into creation and transformed into the light.The day is here the truth is setting everyone free..and then we can all be a family once again, OH WHAT JOY TRUE JOY!!

Mother Gaia

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