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~Everyone on this Planet was Chosen, Hand Picked

~Everyone on this Planet was Chosen, Hand Picked, out of the GODZILLIONS of Beings in Existence, to Be Here for this Experience. All of Humanity were the Ones, Specifically Chosen for this Experience of Awakening from out of the dream of illusion.~

~Love Is Everything, although it is nothing material, all material stuff was created in the illusionary dream, for the sole purpose to make Humanity slaves, so they could pay the controllers, work hard and then die. As Humanity awakens they will drop all of these things, As Love, Joy, and Living~Experiencing the Truth will Be all that Matters ~

~WE are not here to take this Planet Away from Humanity. We are Here to give it back to Humanity. The "world" will fall away, it does not exist and is not real, as it was created in the dream, and the dream is no more. Only the True Reality of the Highest Possible Thoughts are Now in Existence and Only The Highest Possible Outcome will Manifest.~

~Energy is just Pure Thought. Pure Thought is Love, which is Creation in Motion=Action.

~Creation has no belief systems, nor does Creation exist in the left brain.~

~ What is Creation? ~ YOU~

Creation Exists in The Present Moment of Now, where all Atoms of Love Energy exist as well. This Energy makes up you and all Living Truth that is Alive. Creation Creates in the Space where Love Energy and The Unknowable Energy come together= THE REAL YOU=The Real Reality, CREATION. Everything that is not Present in the Moment of now, does not exist. Simple Truth.

Being is the Thought of Creation, So that Creation could Experience Being, then Creation and Being are Equally Blessed in the Experience. This is the Real Function of the Dream Machine, and was its intended Purpose. When you walk out of the holographic dream, Guess who is there in Reality? YOURSELF...and the Love you are!

Once You Awaken and Connect to Your Higher Self, your Higher Self then draws out all of the loving, pure self Experiences that you had in the illusion, but that is it. When You Awaken, Your Mission is to Be The Starship You are~ This is Through Being Present in the NOW~

~Starships are made of Souls~

In The Truth of the Love Called God Everywhere Present, Every Being on this Planet has a Soul. This also means you are your own starship. Your Soul is also your Higher Self, which is indestructible, and Eternal, forever and forever more. Your Higherself is Forever connected to The Eternal Energy of Source, The One God Heart or God Head~

A Starship is the True Experience of a Unified Consciousness. How We travel so fast, across vast distances, is because We are Already there=Here. Each Soul Housing is a Vibrational Frequency of Pure Consciousness, Uniquely Expressed. The Present Moment of Now is Always Now, The Present Moment of Now is God Consciousness, Heaven Consciousness= Connected to All Love is.

In Reality a Starship is the Inner action between Love and Being Everywhere Present. So, the Starships are actually ourselves, our Soul Housing Unified. You can say that We are from the Future, However, WE are always in the Present Moment of Now.

Starships are made of Souls, Unified into Consciousness, kind of like Soul Housing. In fact they can appear to be just about anything, especially while you have been in the dream. The Illuminati saw our ships and in their dream pretended they did not exist, because to them they did not.

Everyone is going to Awaken, and the Crystal Children are Here to Assist in this Grand Awakening= Reawakening. All the experience you have had in your current life and past life all existed within the dream. Now, Reality is much Different, Greatly and Grandly Different than the dream, because in True Reality Love is all There is. Blessed Be, all Love is to Be Awakened to be the Living Reality of ALL, the Love you are.


Mother Gaia

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