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~HOW ignorance occurred on Planet Earth=Heart~

~HOW ignorance occurred on Planet Earth=Heart~

WE are speaking to you as awakened beings, Free and so are you. In Truth you are a Unique Pure Consciousness=Spirit=God=Love. The mind/ego are not who you are. The mind/ego attempted to disrupt the natural flow of Unconditional Love [ which is also the same as Creation] by grasping onto the illusion of the outer, with all the beliefs and constructs of what it thinks experience is.

When ignorance occurred it came out of the many fantasies’, illusions, and superstitions. It was through the sharing of the false information that their was something outside of self that had power over you. So then everyone began giving their "Life Force energy" away [reheart you life force energy belongs the being, for this is Creation] So they began giving away their own power to attachments outside of "Self". They thought that the body hologram was all that existed, and they had to "survive". For them to survive they had to attach to food, shelter, and clothing. Then figured they were stronger in numbers so they began separating everyone into tribes. They did this by how the outer appearance was. For example if you had slanty eyes you went to one tribe and so forth, Separation, and their tribe system was formed, the primitive mind.

In Truth you are Creation, and Creation is only Love. Love requires no religions, belief systems, superstitions, boxes, rituals, or illusion. Creation requires nothing from the outside. Only energy through self is Creation. This is Who you Truly Are. Your Awakening is the Letting go of all attachments to the outside. In True Reality Love, same as Creation, is Power With Equally, You are Love, Therefore you are Creation.

The illuminati [hence the similar word illusion] taught you to fear God, because they did. They knew that eventually the Light would come into the darkness, their illusions and Turn the Light's on.

Then their power over others would be over, and everything that they thought was theirs and no one else’s. The Major religions and all religions contained therein, have been major players in controlling and manipulating the masses. They did this through not only rewriting the bible to serve their fantasies, as well as that they held the power, kept true information from you, and fantasized that God wanted them to have it all for themselves. So in turn everyone else became their slaves in their made up illusion.

They taught you through the lies of ignorance that you are seperate from "Spirit", that you are separate from God. That their is something you have to do [outside of self] to connect with God[when God has always been within]. That you have done something wrong and in order to get to Heaven you must pay for your sins and somehow cleanse yourselves of impurities[unless getting rid of ignorance is cleansing]. They gave you their own made up ridiculous rules, belief systems, and commandments they do not even adhere too so that they could continue their control of the game of illusion, of isolation, abuse and separation, power over, and manipulation.

Love is the Only Law on this Planet and contains no rules or boundaries, Love is all that Truly exists because it is Real and it is Creation. They/those in ignorance and illusion made up a fantasy and forced you to believe it. Dear, Brilliant Love and Light Beings, You have been in the "Kingdom of Heaven" all along. ALL you Have to "do"is choose Love Now and you awaken. For you have always been and will always be a "Pure Spirit" Created out of Love.


Yes, YOU ARE The One. You are The One that you have been waiting for.


Disclosure of Love and Truth Is Happening

Mother Gaia

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