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~HOW TO RELEASE UNCONSCIOUSNESS AND EGO ~BREATHE~ Take deep breaths in through the nose and envision a free flowing pure consciousness energy pouring into you, allow this breath of pure love fill your Whole Body, and then release the Breath through the Mouth, envision the release as all the old unconsciousness energy.

During this process you are filling your whole body with Atoms of Pure Consciousness Energy.

This assists in the process of Releasing the illusion. This technique can also be used to help you raise your Vibrations, after you Clear all the lower energies, which is where the program kept you stuck in, The lower chakras.

You are Now Being Given an Opportunity to Clear those away and move into the Higher Chakras, which are connected into the Upper Realms, and the Higher Grid.

During your Release of the lower energies, you may experience relief and tears in your eyes. These are Holy and Sacred Tears, representing the Truth, that You are a Holy and Sacred Being and the release from your bondage after 13 millenia.

Utilize these energies coming in for your healing process, Breath these energies coming in, release and be Clear!!

You may have a question about those across the Planet, who have no clue of what is Really going on, and are still in unconsciousness during this Transfiguration event. We will offer you an analogy. Let's say that you are at a train stop, waiting for your Train to come [In Truth we are referring to the Ethics Train of Unconditional Love and Oneness]. Let's then say you fell asleep waiting for the Train, and you miss it, this is the Reality they are in, and they miss the Ethics Train. This would be their choice. Please remember this, You are not here to save anyone, everyone must save themselves.

How you Save them is Through Being the Love You Truly Are in Every Moment as You become a True Master Of Light that Serves the Energy of Love on the Planet which opens the door for others to Be the Love They are. Let Go and Be Free~


~Love is the Most Powerful Energy on this Planet, Love is Unstoppable, and irreversible~

~All you have to understand is that you are a Being

of Love. Simple~

Mother Gaia

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