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~non-humans vs Humans~

You can tell now the differences on the Planet between “non” humans[ those are the ones stuck in the programming] and Real Humans. Non-humans only think of themselves, as if they are the only ones on the Planet, we refer to them as “takers”. Real Humans will Give in the forms of Helping~Helpful, Sharing, Giving, Laughing, Respectful, Honorable, Honest, Kind, Supporting Love, Generous, Team oriented, Cooperative, Responds To Love ,instead of reacts [the program always reacts to Love] and When you Look into the Real Humans Eyes, You See a Light. In Truth the Takers will no longer be able to exist in the New Energy, and they, the non humans, are now being escorted off the Planet. This is the Reality. In The Kingdom of Heaven all we Have are “Givers”. Creation~ Love is not a taker. Love is A “Giver”, A Constant Overflowing, Abundant Energy of Source, that is unending, and unlimited. It is impossible for Creation to take, only a program could be capable of that. We of “The Galactic Federation of Light”, know Exactly Which ones of you are Givers and have Chosen to Be the Love you are.

Mother Gaia

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