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WE are here to ReHeart you, of How Truly Powerful, How Truly Brilliant, How Truly Bright, How Truly Loved, How Truly You Are LOVE, and the Power you have within, is the Love you are. You are each as a Brilliant Star. A Star that shines Brilliantly in the Night Sky, continuously. Everything else you have ever been told, that depicts you less then How Grand you Really are, was a lie. The Love that you are is the Same Love we all Are, for we Truly are ALL ONE. ALL one Family, one Team. By Serving the Love you are, you Serve the Team, You Serve the Family, you Serve the Oneness that we are all Together, and most of ALL, by recognizing this, you Become the Truth of Who you Really are, which is GOD. God is the same as Love, Love is the same as Truth, Truth is the same as Light. Within this Understanding, there is only ONE GOD, which is ALL of Our Love Shared together, as ONE.

Today, we are Here to Discuss Unconditional Love, which is the same as Truth, which is the same as GOD. The Illuminati taught you nothing about love, just lies. Because of what you were taught, some have a difficult time Grasping the True Reality of Real Love, as Well as The Truth of Who You Really are. This was held back from you for obvious reasons, so the dark ones could hold power over you. You have been taught lie after lie, about Real Love, Real Truth, as well as the True Reality and Truth about GOD. Because of these lies, we have stated that Your True Path in Your Awakening and the True path to the Light, is to Be as New Born Babies, open and vulnerable. When you are open and vulnerable, its much easier to "see" your Path back into Love, Light, and your inner Truth. For in Truth, why would God, which is Love and Light, ever have to be Protected or covered up? What would be the Purpose? If you are not open and vulnerable, then you cannot GROW. Just like a Flower, if it does not open itself and Become Vulnerable, to Everything Creation gives it, such as sun and water, it will not bloom. To get out of the box, you must be Open and vulnerable, because Love is the Most Open and Vulnerable of them all. If you are closed, this means you are not trusting yourself, which means you do not Trust Love, and this also means you do not Trust Creation, and which means you are dead, because you are disconnected from Source.

Being closed, keeps one inside the box. An example: Many people are afraid to step out of the box, because they have been told that if they step out of the box, someone is going to be there to hurt them. So, people go home and immediately lock their doors. All egos are closed up, because it wants to protect the illusion of isolation and separation. Being Open and Vulnerable means you have Surrendered to the Love you Truly are, and means you Trust Yourself and Creation completely. Only fear is closed and defensive. Being closed means you are attempting to protect, your pain and fear, which is also your ignorance, illusions and fantasies. The ones closed up, are not even living life, they are just hiding away. Those Open and Vulnerable experience True Freedom because they are unafraid, Now that is Living Life, REAL. To become the Love You Truly are requires you to Be Open and Vulnerable, when you are open, you will be able to Transform the fear and the pain into "LIVING PASSION"= AWAKENED. Being vulnerable, means you have let go, and have accepted your Oneness with ALL That IS. This is when you are in True Reality, The Kingdom of Heaven, and then you can easily See Love and Truth from all the lies. This is when you See as well as experience, Love Everywhere Present, which is the Love called God, Everywhere Present. The Direct and absolute Truth is not comfortable to those still in illusion. They see Truth and immediately experience fear, because it is a threat to their fantasies and illusions, that they're attempting to hide from. They try to hide the darkness inside of them, instead of acknowledging the darkness so it can be transformed. Like walking out from a dark room and into the Sunlight, the Eyes hurt for a moment as they adjust to the Brilliant Light. The ones adjusted to the Light, have no more pain. As we have stated before, there is no hiding from the Light and Love on this Planet any longer. Real Love has Manifested on Planet Earth=Heart. Eventually those trying to hide, will all meet at the metaphoric cliff, and then fall off! Love has no boxes, edges or boundaries, and therefore there is nowhere the dark can go, but off the cliff, so the inner being can learn how to fly. Just as bird, in order for it to fly it has open its wings. This is the same for Angels, which is what each of you Truly are, Royal Angels. Only Royal Angels receive Souls, every being on Planet Earth has a Soul. Every Light and every so called "dark" one, all came into this Lifetime with the same assignment, which was to Awaken into all Love is. This goes for Every Human Being on this Planet, and those Who have Chosen their Love and Light, will Now have a Very Joyful Experience. Those who have taken the "other path", will have some challenging moments, to say the least. We say Bravo to the Ones that have Been able, who have had the Courage, in their Light, to Stand UP and be open and vulnerable, through this you have lifted yourselves up and out of Duality. Those who are unwilling to do this, there is not much we can help you with Now, as the Light Must Continue going Up and Forward. Your paths have Now been Chosen and you will experience your Choices. AS always you have Freewill choice, and you may choose another path at any moment.


Mother Gaia

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