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~The Truth about The Innocence of Humanity

~The Truth about The Innocence of Humanity~Humanity is not ignorant~

Innocence~ Guiltless, clear, uncorrupted, not dangerous or harmful, a young child. Innocence allows, embraces, and does not question, because innocence TRUSTS THE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE IN EVERY MOMENT, AND LOVE IS ALWAYS THERE.LOVE ALWAYS RESPONDS.WHAT ELSE CAN LOVE ACCOMPLISH? When a Being is unconscious, which takes place through the ignorance of themselves, ignoring THEIR own call to awaken into the Truth. In this State the being becomes doubly unable to distinguish REALITY FROM illusion. ROOT CAUSE IS BEING IN THE ILLUSION/MIND/EGO/PROGRAM. ignorance attempts to confuse the being by providing disinformation contained in belief systems. All illusion/ignorance is dense matter or low vibrational thoughts, also referred to as unconsciousness. The illusion which is the programmed ego mind attempts to grasp onto what it thinks reality is or should be. It analyzes and interprets information that is intellectual materialism at its finest, it always is looking outside to fill up on, mostly through manipulating others for energy and control. True Reality~Creation cannot be manipulated or controlled. It is Living from within, connected to Source Energy, and expressing this outwardly, inside out.

Love has nothing to analyze or interpret, LOVE IS ALWAYS LOVE EXPRESSING LOVE, LOVE IS DIVINE INTELLIGENCE=CREATION.YOUR TRUE BEING ONCE AWAKENED INNATELY AND AUTOMATICALLY RECOGNIZES AND UNDERSTANDS ALL OF LIFE For EACH BEING IS UNIQUELY ALL THAT IS, AND LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. Ignorance questions, reacts, in a fight or flight reaction to attempt to continue its survival. ignorance hides from the Light, because when Love is Present, ignorance disappears. As darkness is only the ABSENCE OF LIGHT, ignorance is the absence of Being Present. In Truth, Humanity are Innocent Beings, Divine Beings, once they Awaken out of illusion/ignorance. Then they are in True Reality, where Magic, and Miracles Come Alive. This is where the True Being is Now Present and EXPRESSED FREELY.

Love is always GIVING, its function could never take, its impossible. Love is always Overly abundant, the Cup that Keeps Filling up, Love has Everything, IS Everything. Innocence is a child Like quality of Love[not childish]. Innocence is the True essence of WHO ALL of Humanity IS, As TRUE LIGHT BEINGS. CHILDLIKE AS WONDER, AND MAGIC. THIS EXPERIENCE EXISTS IN THE PRESENT PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW, THIS IS ALL THERE REALLY IS. EVERY MOMENT IS NEW, THIS IS CREATION, THIS IS PRESENTNESS, LOVE BEING EVERYWHERE PRESENT. Ambivalence~ The coexistence of conflicting attitudes or emotions, uncertainty as to which course to follow. Life in True Reality is something far Grander than what Humanity has been taught in illusion, which was ambivalence. Living Life in True Reality is More Like Passion and Excitement, as a Child on Christmas Eve, who is waiting for their Presents. They are so exited and cannot wait to open them. The Child Like Innocence= Inner Peace= True Reality that has been forgotten is the Truth of Who Humanity Really is. We did not say childish, we Said Child Like. Humanity's Child Likeness and Innocence is What all of Humanity are Returning to. Everyone on this Planet whether aware or unaware Are Each Royal Angels, In Truth Humanity came here to Play in the Garden of Eden. This Child Like Innocence can Only Occur if Humanity is Present in the Moment of Now. This is Where they will experience the True Wonderment and Awe of Creation. True Reality in Living Life Real Unfolds = Life.

Now there is a Huge difference between ignorance and INNOCENCE. ignorance sees Innocence as dumb, weak, and meek.[ THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH]! It misunderstands Kindness for weakness, and Love as something you take from others, or someone else gives you[ energy competition].

ignorance CANNOT SEE ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. HOWEVER, ONCE THE BEING LETS GO AND STEPS OUT OF THE BOX THERE IS NO MORE ignorance. ignorance is not Creation or Love. Its nothing, it is but an illusion. Its only purpose is destruction, corruption, greed, power over experience, death, pain, suffering, and as we refer to it,it only takes, a constant taker, it has nothing to give but emptiness and more nothingness. The internal dialogue, is the program-ego-mind. This is also ignorance's connection with the unconsciousness. For a being to Truly awaken, the internal dialogue has to be shut off, this disconnects the Being from the old energy of collective unconsciousness, the ignorance. Then the Real Being can Step Forward, and Be Present. Without the internal dialogue or program, Humanity will then be able to Connect into their Higher Self, Source and Eternal Life. ~unconsciousness is the playground for ignorance. WE are going to take that playground down and Put In a Garden. That Gets a YEEHAW~ Mother Gaia

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