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Love is Free, Universal Love is Free. In duality you have had attachments to stuff, like possessions, people, etc. These words You read, are very Multi-dimensional when you look at them Wholistically, as WE Do in Full Consciousness. For instance the statement, "If you Love Something Set it Free". If You Love Yourself, You Set Yourself Free, then You are in The Present Moment of Now, where there exists no attachments to anything and Love is Free to Create.

Once You Love Self, You are in Universal Love, because that is undeniable, since WE are ALL ONE, and ALL Connected. We can Also Look at this Phrase, as Setting your Thoughts Free. When you set them free, Only Love Can Come Back, because Only Love is Real. You continually let these Go, and Love Just Brings Back More to you. Then You Let that Go, and Then More comes Back to you...Do you get this yet? Love is not possessive. If Love is, then it's simply not Love and not Real. Love is Free, you cannot hold onto it, or control it. When you are Present, You are Free for Love to Co+Create With You, through You. "Let it all Go, so More can come to YOU, this is How Love works, When you Love something you set it Free"....

Mother Gaia

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