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~Very Valuable Information to assist in Humanity's True Awakening ~Opening of the Pineal Gland~

~Very Valuable Information to assist in Humanity's True Awakening ~Opening of the Pineal Gland~

Currently everything in illusion is dissolving, the dominos are falling. We Highly recommend Letting Go. Once the Right and Left Brain are in Sync, then you connect into your Higher Self, which is also the Pineal Gland Opening.

The Pineal Gland is also the Higher Grid, Which is the Higher Thought. The Brain which is not the mind is currently being brought into the Higher Grid, also a part of the Crystalline Body Awakening.

If beings resist [what you resist persists, what you look at disappears], if the being resists they will be lost in their own resistance. The energy needed to get out of the resisting is going to be used to try to get out, not a very good use of energy.

The lower grid, programmed ego/mind and all lower vibrational thoughts are returning back into Creation. They go through a recycle bin or black hole so to speak. Only, the Higher Grid , the Higher Thought will remain.

When the Unibrain is connected, through connecting into the Higher Self, which is also the Pineal Gland Opening, this is the Higher Grid, "Divine Intelligence", Also called "The Kingdom of Heaven". This brings wholeness of being, also called Full Consciousness. This is when the "Multi-Dimensionals" "Welcome you Home".

~The Unibrain[ That we have already connected into] is also the same as Super Consciousness, Same as Galactic Humans. We are Your Family of Light, darkness cannot exist in Light, Love everywhere Present.~

So Now Humanity has 2 choices. They may Allow, Embrace, Accept, Surrender[ surrender means you set yourself Free, Free from Yourself, you surrender to the Love you are, with a Sign that says Welcome Home Earthlings].

The other choice is a fight or flight "reaction", which is fear based such as ignoring, running away [ which they are only running from themself], hiding, and judging. This choice in this Energy will cause much pain and suffering. LET GO~ LET GO~

~WE intend Humanity is choosing the Higher Choice~ We are Here~

Mother Gaia

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