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~WHAT IS OCCURRING IN THIS TRANSFIGURATION EVENT~ Many that are sensitive to The Energy, can Now Hear the Balanced Harmonic coming from the Center of the Magnetic field, which is continually getting Louder.

We can Physically hear this in our ears as a Very High Pitched ringing. These Are Frequencies that are Entering into your Chakra Systems, Assisting in your Transformation, and realigning your Chakras to Balanced Harmonics. Each of You are Made solely of Energy, and the Energy you are made of extends around you beyond your physical body hologram.

Your Chakra System is what Reconnects Everyone back to Source, and Your Higher Self. For this to Happen, we have to reconnect the 2 Hemispheres of the Brain, which then activates the Pineal Gland, and Awakening Occurs through this.

Your Hearts are Getting ready to Expand, and this Energy Will come from the Center of Your Heart and Connect to Your Pineal glands. Your Pineal Gland is in the Center of Your Right and Left Brain Hemispheres. During this Transfiguration Event they are merging back together, after 13 Millenia of disconnection, where the left and right brain hemispheres were severed. What is Now occurring is Humanity is getting ready for a Full Awakening, and what We also Term Full Consciousness. The Only way for Full Consciousness to Occur is reconnecting the 2 Brain Hemispheres back to their Original Function, so that The Pineal Gland can Be activated.

Without the Right Brain Functioning you were disconnected from Source. The Right side of the Brain is Your Direct Connection to Spirit, the Divine, and Your Higher Self, Your True Self.

Without this connection of course you were walking around in illusion, wondering Who you Really were, and being slaves to illusion. This is exactly what your controllers wanted. They could force you into belief systems that kept you in prison cells. Yes, you have been in prison or hell. With functioning only from the left brain, they easily were able to place a program of imaginary belief systems, that kept you in a repeating loop, of isolation and separation.

For 13 Millenia they have succeeded in this, until NOW. Love Has Shown Up, and this Means ALL Will Awaken in the no matter what.

Once the 2 Sides of the Brain Hemispheres are reconnected they once again will be able to communicate with each other, and all dysfunctions will dissolve. With a fully functioning Brain, this will assist each of you in your transfiguration events Home, into True Reality and out of the limited box, or prison cell. Once the left and Right Brains can Communicate, never again will they be separation and Your Adventures in Creation Will begin Anew. The Garden of Eden Returns!

Prepare Yourselves for Multi-Dimensional Travels, For Living and Experiencing Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness. Nothing can stop the Transfiguration Event, that Includes all which are a part of the ONE~

Mother Gaia

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