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Welcome to the living library of consciousness, a collection of guides to support Humanity on their awakening & ascension journey. 

All documents in this library represent the whole truth, as we know it and are to be shared freely with all. 

Follow the simple steps to navigating the content - your road map to reaching higher states of consciousness.


Welcome to the biggest event in all of creation! If you are new to disclosure, the ascension process, or spirituality, here is everything you need to know. The teachings shared are simple, just as love is simple.

The path of Higher Self Embodiment requires the dissolvement of the EGO programmed mind and the embodiment of divinity through healing, letting go of all wounding & trauma, and daily self love practices.

We are returning this planet to love everywhere present, the true Garden of Eden.

All who are incarnated on Planet Earth = Heart were chosen to do so because of the Unique set of skills and capabilities possessed within each being. We are here to bring Heaven to Earth, to bring Human Evolution through an Ascension process to a full integration with Heaven Consciousness, here in the physical, transforming Life for One and All!


The Journey of Ascension is not a comfortable one, it takes Grit Courage, Tenacity, Commitment, Healing, Faith, Trust and Discipline.  Everything will come back to Self Love - the purpose of the Ascension is for each of us to embody our Higher Selves - the way through is in, into our Hearts, into our own personal Truth of who we are - which is Love!  Self Love is the Foundation of all, everything comes back to ourselves and taking accountability for our own energetics and how we show up in the world.  Become the change you want to see.




Self love is the Core and Foundation to this Ascension process.  Daily Self Love Disciplines are essential in embodying your Higher Self ~ which enhances your discernment and strengthens your intuition.  Once you have this foundation and a consistent daily practice, there are many resources that enhance and activate your deeper healing and awareness process.  Self love and Healing go hand in hand. However, we have made these separate modules to give anyone a focused deeper insight into any specific healing that their vessel requires.

Please refer to the drop down menu under resources to access the specific guides you are looking for

All the guides are free to download  

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All the guides are free to download  


Thank you for donating - we are grateful for the energy exchange which assists us in being of service to humanity through Mission Limitless.


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