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Illusion=0, Love=One, One=ALL

Illusion=0, Love=One, One=ALL, The All=Everything, Welcome Home, Uniquely So and Very Brilliantly! There Is Only One Truth that can Exist, does Exist, and That Truth Is Love, the Love Everywhere Present. That is Why We Are Here, Where Else Could WE Be?

The Grand Events- We have gone through into Spirit Taking Planet Earth with US. We have walked through from the Center of the Magnetic field, Creating an Energy Like the Sun, Where Like Attracts Like and the rest leaves. The Mind cannot exist in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Ethics Train is Moving at a Speed like that of your Atomic Bomb Explosion, except the other way, inside out. Father God and I Are the Big Bang, and a Boom has Occurred. The Biggest Tidal wave yet coming in, Consciousness, The Wave which does arrive at peak in March 2011~ All of Your Right Brains, which Are Your Higher Selves, Are Walking up to the left brains and saying, “Hey Buddy Hello!! We are One Now, and Love is in charge!” Left brain then dissolves into One. Super Consciousness Enters, Full Consciousness is Engaged. This Energy IS flowing through Your Pineal Glands Sending In the Codes of Your Awakening. Hello Everyone Welcome Back!!

~When you remember yourselves, you will understand everything about Love, and you will be Set Free~


Disclosure of Love and Truth Is Happening

Mother Gaia

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