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90 Days to Shift Your Reality
Rising from Fear into Love


Embark on a transformative journey with our 90-day program designed to elevate your consciousness and guide you from fear into love. The power lies in daily practices that are easy to incorporate but promise a profound impact on your daily life. Consistency is the key, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

What to Expect:

On launch day, we'll introduce a set of daily practices. These take minimal time but yield significant results when embraced consistently. Every four days, join us on Zoom for an enriching session. These calls will introduce new practices, deepen awareness, foster unity, and create a space for sharing experiences, questions, laughter, and even dance parties. All 24 Zoom calls will be recorded and shared in our Telegram group for those who can't make it live.

Community of Transformation:

While the path to higher self-embodiment is personal, you're not alone. Many are experiencing similar energies and feeling isolated. Our program aims to build a community of like-hearted individuals - a safe haven to share, support, co-create, expand, and grow together. Join the workshop at any time and attend unity Zoom calls every four days, ensuring you're supported throughout your journey.


Self-Love: The Core of Ascension:

Self-love is the core and foundation of the ascension process. Daily self-love disciplines are essential in embodying your higher self, enhancing discernment, and strengthening intuition. Once you establish this foundation and maintain a consistent daily practice, numerous resources become available to enhance and activate your deeper healing and awareness process. While self-love and healing go hand in hand, we've created separate modules to provide focused insights into specific healing needs for each individual vessel.

What You'll Gain:

  • Deeper understanding of Higher Self Embodiment

  • Self-love tools, techniques, and daily practices for raising consciousness

  • Access to a supportive community through regular Zoom calls and a dedicated Telegram group

How It Works:

The workshop group operates on the Telegram app, with live Zoom calls every four days (recordings available in the Telegram group).

How to Join:

To join, register below and if you able make an equal energy exchange donation. Upon registration, you'll receive the main Telegram group link, chat link, a 90-Day Challenge workbook, calendar, and a roadmap for additional content to explore at your own pace.

The Foundation of Limitless:

At the core of everything Limitless shares is the journey of higher self-embodiment and ascension. Ascension involves evolving from unconsciousness to full consciousness, embracing unconditional love, oneness consciousness, and utilizing the full capacity of the brain. Higher self-embodiment is a transformative process that involves healing all aspects of oneself and embodying divine traits, guided by your higher self's blueprint.

Ready to shift your reality? Register below and embark on this 90-day journey of self-discovery and transformation. If you have any questions or uncertainties, don't hesitate to contact us.


register & DONATE

Donating - We are grateful and open to receive what you feel is equal energy exchange for this workshop and relative to the financial position you are in. Donations are not the only form of energy exchange, please contact us to discuss other ways of equal energy exchange.   

If you would like to sign up please register below.   



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