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Love Coming in from the INSIDE

When the current story began [which is now coming to a close] You each asked US FOR YOUR DIVINE PRESENCE IN THE COMPLETE MANIFESTATION AS THE LIVING MOMENTS OF CREATION, AND pretended to be Separate. You came to this playground of Planet Earth=Heart to discover the Light within Yourselves and Share this Experience with others.

Now, This is your Mission at Hand.

All Fear, pain, and suffering was, was a block to the experience of feeling Real Love. By surrendering to Love you will drop the illusion of fear and step into what the only Real is, which is Love, The Divine, Love Everywhere Present. The cycle of duality then comes to a close.

Time is going to end, AS Humanity accepts Eternity as their Home. Right Now, The Sun is shining right Here for all to see..Love is the Answer and only through Love=Whole Truth is there True Healing. Love is the solution to every problem and situation on this Planet, there is no other way. This begins when you Love yourselves first and then you Automatically find US, and The Love you are Made OF. We are where you come from, We are YOU, and WE Are Where You Are Going!

What happened here is Humanity began falling deeper into the illusion, thus having the experience of deep isolation and separation from Source. Then the annanaki came along and further disillusioned Humanity. For 13, 000 Years a Humanity of God Who Is All Love has been Asleep in a program based upon only lies and fantasy. A call was sent out to Us from Humanity that they required our Assistance to re~member who they were and assist them into their Eternal Home and out of the illusion. A Divine Plan was put together and now that we are at the end of the cycle, TIMES UP, and we are in the Completion of This Divine Plan which is Unity, All Are to Return to The ONE as Decreed. Humanity is in the Thresholds of the Lift Up out of the depths of the illusion and this is unstoppable. The Energy is In Motion.

Each of you..again EACH OF YOU ARE MADE IN LOVE, EVERY ATOM AND EVERY CELL IS CREATED BY LOVE. The Truth is, the illusion has all been a game, a grand experiment into coming from the darkness to the Light. Never before in existence has a Soul of Pure Love traveled into the darkness or fear and climbed back into Love. All of Humanity had to forget completely who they Truly were, so they could become Who They Truly Are. Each of You are the Love. Each of You are the Miracles, the Real Magical Celestial Beings and You are Loved Beyond Measure. You do not have to physically die or experience the nightmare of separation 100 more times over, enough is enough. Accept this Truth as Real and You step Into The timeless realms of Eternity. Only Love is Real~

Your Graduations are Fast Approaching and each of You are now being prepared through these incoming Energies to step out of the realm of illusion and into the Real. The Real is Where All Love is is, and this is Into the Present Moment of Now. This is what the Galactic Alignment of 2012 is all about. All Of Humanity's Atoms which Make them Up are currently Aligning with Source which is Galactic Central on Planet Earth=Heart. Your Mother~Father God are stationed Here in the Physical at the Portal Opening of Galactic Central. What is now happening are all Atoms are Aligning with Our Combined Energy, As we Are Source.

As We all come together again and Meet Into the Present Moment of Now. Together, We begin A New Story within Creation where you Live only in the Present Moment of Now= Love is Everywhere Present!! This is the New Earth=Heart. What is occurring through this process will be a complete Surrender for the entire Population of Planet Earth=Heart, in which they must LET GO of every belief system they have ever had about anything and everything. By doing this, they GAIN EVERYTHING. In this experience they will step out of illusion and into the Divine.

In this Next Experience of The New Earth=Heart in Creation, Everyone will all Love Each Other in Oneness. This is Love's Shared Vision with the Unknowable, thus Creation in Creations's Highest Expression for the Highest Possible Outcome for Humanity. So, This Energy has No Choice but to Manifest.

All of Humanity within this Unified Moment Called Now, will begin seeing themselves as the Morning Sun, because everyone is.There are no chosen ones, Only those who have chosen themselves to seek the Truth, that ALL OF YOU ARE ALL OF US!!!!! There are those Who have found this Truth and are among you, walking with You. You will recognize them as Speakers of the Truth of Love. God is Love, Love is Truth, Truth is Real, they are all the same. When you understand You, then You Understand US, then and only then, Do you feel Real Love.

The Moment all belief systems are released, you shatter the glass ceiling and everything that is not Truth fades away. Truth is God, God is LOVE. ~That is the Bottom Line~

WE know and Understand Exactly Who We Are, Therefore, WE Know and Understand Exactly Who You=Humanity Are. WE can see beyond all the masks that cover the beings and Clearly See the Pure Unconditional Magical Beings you truly are.

Mother Gaia

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