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Many of you confuse feeling with emotions

Many of you confuse feeling with emotions. The reason comes from what you were originally taught, which was all based in illusion and fantasy, and Not True Reality. Feeling is only experienced in the Present Moment of Now. Emotions are from the past, which do not exist.

We have also discussed with you attachments, and that to be Totally FREE, you have to let go of all attachments. Emotions are actually attachments that stem from past events.

You have been taught by the illuminati to live in the past, thus why they developed "sins", and then you had to "pay" for your so called sins, they made you pay for your past that never existed. WOW.. These sins were placed in the dream machine as fantasies. So actually emotions are just fantasy, make believe, so this means they do not even exist. They taught you to live in the past, and worry about the future, so that they could manipulate and control you.

This kept you distracted from being present in the moment of NOW, and through this you lost the Connection to the Real which is FEELING, feeling is the True Reality Experience, and through feeling you Express your Unique God Spark, The Love you Truly are . They knew that if they kept you distracted, you would not Be Present to Recognize your Divinity, Your True Power and Light. This was done to maintain their control over you. They understood, if you knew the "secret", Which is Simply Being Present in the Moment, you would be out of the program, because the program cannot exist in the Present Moment. The program can only function in the past or future.

Feeling is non-attachment, and is Only Experienced and Expressed in the NOW. WE can also explain them as when you have integrated the mental and emotional together, which then becomes Unified Passion, which becomes, Compassion.

We can say when these together are Unified, they become the REAL ME= The Present {M}oment= {E}ternity, while before in illusion it was [m]ass [e]nergy, the lie ME, the illusionary me.

Density is the same as mass also=unconsciousness=resistance [resistance to anything makes density].

Feeling=Freedom=Love unconditional. Feeling is the only Real and True Experience, anything but feeling is just a lie. Feeling is the Experience of Joy, Happiness, and the Connection to Source, where only Love Exists.

If You feel you have a block, this disables your senses to the Real Experience of Feeling. The block comes from an internal dialogue that was part of the old program. We have discussed the loop, that the program runs on, and it keeps you from the Real Experiences of your True Self. What it is, is the unconscious interaction with the self. If you see the initials of the internal dialogue, it is ID=identity=program. It keeps you in a controlled state, which is perfect for the illuminati's purposes, to keep you in a dependent state of fear, doubt and worry, which is the same as emotions.

Emotions are the anchor for a memory, when you integrate the memory and the emotion and let it go, it no longer is an anchor for the past.

When integrated, they are unified into Passion and you receive your Life Force Energy Back from the past, and this Energy is Now Available to be used in the Present Moment of Now=Manifest Miracles .

WE describe the internal dialogue=ego=unconsciousness, so that you can recognize it within yourself and be able to observe it [as impartial observer, detachment], long enough to connect into your Feeling center, which is Your Soul. If you know, and can understand that the internal dialogue is not Real, it will be easier to see it for what it is. Without getting to Feeling, you are unable to reach a State of Telepathy.

Telepathy is Feeling, this is also how you communicate with Your Angelic Team, through Feeling. Feeling is the Language of your Soul, Feeling is Truth and True Reality. Your Soul is Who you Really are, you were never an illusion, a fantasy, or belief systems. Currently, you are in the process of returning to this State of Your Real Self, Your Soul Self, Spirit Self. This is the True Expression of who you truly are. Your Soul is the part of you that can Hear the Truth in our messages, because the Soul only understands Truth, this is all that it feels and understands.

~Your Souls only Mission is to Be Free to Express itself in the Highest Possible way, which is Love. Love is all there truly is.~

Yes, YOU ARE The One. You are The One that you have been waiting for.


Disclosure of Love and Truth Is Happening

Mother Gaia

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