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Pain and Suffering is coming to an end Right now

Pain and Suffering is coming to an end Right now, what we are observing are the last throes of those in the illusion, in their imaginary control. The pain and suffering of Humanity is coming to an end, this is inevitable for those Choosing Love. Change is Inevitable on this Planet as Love is Here. Heaven on Earth is Manifesting with or without the Knowledge of the Rest of those in illusion. The Lower vibrations are equal to the ego mind...By Simply Being Present in the Moment of Now and Choosing Love for the Greater Good of all, in those Moments Humanity plays their Role and Part in the Divine Plan, this is how Everyone aligns to the Higher Grid. ~SIMPLE~ Dreams Really do Come true, and a Re~hearter the "Only way out is through". We say this over and over because of the many layered programs that have been placed Upon Humanity. The only way to End the suffering and pain is the release of all of these illusions aka ego. There will be many in the coming moments that will face many challenges, as all lies must be released, and they will attempt to cling to the old. Understand we are all one, and WE are ALL one connected, no matter what drama's are in there final throes. The Higher Grid Surrounding this Planet is the Only Real, and Everyone will Connect in or Leave to continue the old paradigm. What is occurring is, as everyone begins waking up into the " Higher Grid"=The Real Planet Earth=Heart, which is Source energy, these drama's will begin transcending as the Light Permeates Everything

Across the Planet. as the "Gods" awaken and see the "Game" for what it truly was, an illusion, they transcend the Drama from Awareness into Consciousness, God Particle enters, everything transforms into Light. The Game is over... ~WHAT HAPPENED?~ What happened is that Humanity all began in awareness of being in the dream, and the problem occurred is when Humanity forgot they were in a dream, and were only playing in illusion. Humanity attempted to make the illusion real and then the ego/mind came in. The Release of all ego opens the door into Equality, Equality is the Doorway into Heaven, which this Opens the Door into more and more equality! Grander Experiences in the All. Once Love is the Choice, your Destiny unravels before you, as you Listen to the Heart where all the TRUTHS EXIST. The Truth and reality are far Grander then Humanity could ever Imagine. Right Now the Transformation of this Planet into a Blue StarSeed Nation is Being Born, through this Event, those choosing Love will Rise Energetically, into the Higher Kingdom of Heaven Consciousness. We are in Shining Moments for those who have completely Aligned and already within the New Love Energy. AS, Together as Co~Creators, We Will be Free Sovereign Beings, working together in cooperation for the Greater Good of ALL! The Truth Will Prevail on Planet Earth=Heart. The Moments are Now to Choose Love for Self and For all of Creation. For when this is

recognized, everything changes and the True Manifestations Occur. Heaven on Earth, The kingdom of Heaven , Welcome Home!

Mother Gaia

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