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Real Making Love and More

“In the Spiritual, Upper Realms, The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, Real Making Love is Sharing Love and Truth. It's more than your physical making Love, it's a Much Deeper Feeling and Experience, because it's Real, True and Actual. This was something you could never experience in duality, because duality was all lies, you cannot have Real Experiences in the lies of illusion. Feelings can only Be Experienced in True Reality, where Love Is All there is and Truth is all There is. As We Share and Speak to you Through this Message, We are Making Love with You, as This is what Pure Truth is in Reality, as this Is how The Love Vibrational Frequency Creates, Love in Motion, Through Sharing, Giving, Honesty, Truth, and Unconditional Love. This is where Joy can Be Expressed, Love's Greatest Expression is Joy, through giving and sharing!” Planet Earth is Transforming and So are all on This Planet. Love is an Energy that is Transformative. Love is Here, Love and Truth Change Everything. What does this Mean? Lose is All Encompassing and Touches Everything, as it Continues to Grow and Expand. Love is The Truth, and The Actual Reality that Exists On Planet Earth=Heart, illusion is nothing and does not exist. It's only ignorance that wants to continue the game, to be right. This will change and is occurring from the inside out. You may hear some speaking of a pole reversal or such as a pole shift. This is true, but, not in the way you may think. It's not occurring on the outside, no this is an inside Job. This is occurring inside the brain, inside every human Being, a reversal to begin balanced harmonics. This is why we said you would see the insanity, you have to be balanced and Focused as The Balancing of The Harmonics is “Balancing” out the Brain and Body to the Higher Frequencies. This is why we Have Highly recommended Letting Go, the Frequencies are like a Gushing Water Flow that is coming down out of a Waterfall at Full Speed into Forever, and Eternity. Except this is Going up and Expanding into Forever, and even if you attempt to hang on, you will eventually have to Let Go. There will be nowhere to go, Change is Inevitable. “The Work has been done to clear your path, you Must do the walking.”

“It takes one With Courage to raise oneself out of duality, limited thinking and illusions, and into The Full Light and Truth of Your Being, God Self, with all Possibilities. You must face all your illusions, and this takes courage, because you let go of being right or wrong and Just Be Happy. Then you are Being the Love and Truth of Who you Really are. This can be as Effortless and easy or as difficult and challenging as you make it.”

The Real Love Experience cannot occur In duality, you have to step out of the chains and restrictions of the old outdated 2d [duality] perception. In True Reality there is nothing to perceive and everything to “BE”.“

Life, Real, is a Moment to Moment Experience, and can only Occur once you are Awake. When you are asleep in illusion, you do not have any Real Experiences. It's like a walking dead person, being a slave to society is not living. In illusion you are dead, because its not Real. Being Alive is Living and Experiencing True Reality and The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Experience.” “In the No Matter What=Unknowable of Loves Brilliance, All the lies, the darkness, ignorance, naysayers, non-believers, hypocrites, rules, and masks We have endured on this Planet will cease . The Light, Love and Truth will Stand Tall and Firmly. Love will be all that is Left when the old paradigm falls. The New Paradigm is a Love Story about Us ALL, and The Brilliance we all are Within the Truth in Creation.” “Once you are Out of the box, you never go back in.” “Love has no rules, Love is not a belief system.”

Do We Share with you The Whole Truth? In Every Moment. Why are We able to Share the Whole Truth? Because we are Awakened and Whole Healed Beings, with Our Messages of Love and Truth These Will Set you Free. Whole Love Heals.” “What can Love you Back? The Sky can Love you Back with all its Majestic Beauty and with Rain to Provide Nourishment. The Trees can Love you back by Providing Food, Oxygen, and Presentness. The Wind can Speak to you, in the Still of Silence, whistling and blowing, carrying air, energy...Rocks Love you back by Being so Still and Can tell you stories if you listen, feel and Hold them in your Hands. They are Energy, Stardust, the Same Stardust ALL of Humanity is Made up of. The Rocks are More Present then Most of The people on this Planet, and they Love Us Back Unconditionally. We can Love you Back, because We Love Ourselves=WE Love Everything in Creation that is Real. All of Nature Upon Mother Earth Gives and Provides for You and can Love you back. Love Gives you Life. The only thing that cannot Love you back is illusion, ignorance, and darkness. It does not know or understand what Real Love and True Reality is. Why even try? Why Not Love that Which can Love you Back, How About Now? “ “Just Remember I Love you, and it'll be alright.”

“Its time to Walk the Talk of Love, this means Being Love In All Moments, Being Love in Action. WE of the Family of Light ,with Deep Integrity and Self Respect for all Of Creation, Walk Our Talk, as Your Examples of Truth and Love in Action. This is a Constant Moment and Choice as We walk the Path of Light. You may Quote Us on this Truth. All the Truth we share with you in our Messages, is Exactly our Living Moment to Moment Experience of Service to Love, and We are Being Who We Truly are, Love.” “Some of you share with us, that you are sharing the Truth with others and they do not “believe you”. Truth is Truth. If others would like to deny Truth, that is not your problem or ours. You are not here to save anyone. You are here to Be that someone that is Love in Action. Being the Example, opens the door for others to Be the Love they are. We cannot convince anyone, We have to Be the Beacons of Light and Truth. By Being the Beacons of Truth and Light we are Examples for others to See. If they do not see it, well they missed it. Share information, what others do with it, is up to them.” “Many of you have shared with us that you are a little perplexed as to why many turn away from the Higher Truths, and why Love and Truth are not more Popular right Now. The answer is simple, until one can face the Love they are, they cannot face the Truth of what Love is. Once the Being Embraces the Love, then they can accept the Truth. Until then they are in denial, until they are not.”

All of Humanity Awakening into the Truth And Love

"Real Love is Ruthless, because Love does not wait for change, Love is the Change.”

End Transmission IN All Love IS!

Mother Gaia

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