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True Joy is Being the Love you are

You can only experience True Joy, By Being Present, and connecting in from within. True Joy is Being the Love you are. This Energy of Love supports the Whole, The ALL, and contributes to Grander and Grander Experiences within Creation.

Unless you are Present in the Moment of Now, you never have experienced what it Feels like to be in a Constant state of Happiness.

The Experience is one of Constant Euphoria, Joy, Laughter, A Constant High, A Constant Smile, and Wholeness of Being.

This is the Experience of Being Fully Conscious, True Reality, and “The Kingdom of Heaven”, the 5d experience. Every Moment is a Constant Awareness of Love Everywhere Present, because this Is the Truth once out of illusion.

The Joy comes when you get to the understanding that you are The Star of Love and you connect into the Oneness.

All of Humanity came here to this Planet To Accomplish in this Lifetime was to simply give themselves “THE LOVE THEY TRULY ARE”, then this Love Automatically begins to Over Flow to others, and through this everything changes.

This is why we say Love is Contagious, because it is.. and Love changes everything~


~ Love is Here and In the No Matter What, Love WINS~

Mother Gaia

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