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You can Only find Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Balance and Harmony from Within

Greetings Love Beings, Where Can You find Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Balance and Harmony? Its definitely not outside, for the outside is illusion, thats just ignorance. You can Only find Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Balance and Harmony from Within. Most of Humanity at this Point, is running around on The Planet unaware that they are Love. So Instead they are working as slaves, keeping appointments, trying to keep things "under control", stressed out, busy, distracted, caught in looking to the outside and for what? What is the purpose? Some of Humanity think that all this pain and suffering is life. When the Real Truth is all happening from within.

Life cannot be lived in an illusionary box, for Life is Way Grander. Life is not anything that is outside of self. Life is Lived through Experiencing the Present Moment of Now. If Humanity would just BREATHE, relax, take a pause from the outside world, and connect from within Where Inner Peace and Connection can Be Made, this Would Be a Wonderful Beginning to Their New Eternal Lives.

Since Most of You understand now that your body is made up of the Energy that are Atoms. What occurred in the illusion for Humanity or the ignorance of self is that they took their energy and attached "stuff" to it as part of a Fantasy, which was just the dream. So they actually "thought" the made up fantasy was real, because it was energy, misused and distorted energy, energy utilized outside of self. If you can look at the deeper understanding of energy, let's look at emotion. Emotion is fear, which is just energy, and your programmed body translated that as fear. To transform this fear, you embrace the energy of fear, which is not real in the first place fear aka false evidence appearing real and let this go. Then the released energy is replaced with the Real Energy of Love. Release and then an Intake of Spirit.~

~Fighting with the darkness aka the illusion, is like fighting with the shadows on the wall in the cave, when you fight the darkness the darkness wins. How do You Over Come darkness? by letting go of the shadows and walking out of the cave towards the Light. Then the shadows cease to exist.~ ~In letting go of the shadows of illusion, you are letting go of nothing, and yet embracing the Reality of Light and Truth, in which you receive Everything~ ~Reality is the Truth, and the Truth is the Light~

Currently those stuck within illusion aka the dark see only projections. So, when another being sees another being and sees an aspect of that being they do not "like" its not only just a projection, but a reflection of themselves. An Aspect they do not Love about themself that they project onto others. This is where judgment stems from. Jesus made this statement "Love thy Neighbor as thyself". This statement became very misunderstood, because Humanity attempted to put it outside of themselves. We will go deeper into what he was saying to Humanity, which is SIMPLE "Love yourself and Love Others as Yourself, because they are Yourself" just as do unto others, as you do to yourself. The ego/mind aka ignorance programmed into Humanity where projections of lower vibrational thoughts for humanity to play out, to keep them in ignorance. These projections were about isolation and separation or the box. ignorance taught Humanity that everything was outside of themselves, and there was someone outside of themselves to blame, criticize, and dictate to others. Which was the power over experience. For example those in ignorance or program ego mind blame others for everything "going wrong in "their" life, and blame others for "their" own pain and suffering, then they want someone to come along and save them. WE are not here to Save Humanity, only Humanity can save themselves. We are here to provide the Truth and the Truth is:

Nothing exists outside of Self, Humanity is not isolate and separate from US or each other, because We are All One. The only one to blame when one is in pain and suffering, is the one in the pain and suffering, this is why we have shared the only way out is through. One must let go of all pain and suffering so Love may enter. When one is pointing a finger, they are always pointing the finger back at themselves 3 times. The Real Love Experience of Creation is a Power With Equally. This is Truly Loving Oneself and Loving others as themselves with Compassion, Understanding, and Unconditional Love. This is Power With Each other, True Equality, where we are all working in cooperation towards One Common Vision, As ONE.

The Power over was the old paradigm or old energy of competition. Competition only exists in illusion. Competition, sets up limits and the illusion of "win", corporations set themselves up to fail with limits and competition, while Love which is a COOPERATION IS ALWAYS A WIN=WIN FOR EVERYONE. A House divided cannot stand, that is competition. Cooperation is a House Unified, and is Equality is action that brings about Great Abundance for ALL. The Higher Grid which is Now established Equals Cooperation and Equality for Everyone. The lower grid which is dissolving was just the primitive ego mind aka ignorance.

It's Impossible for Humanity to be their own Unique God Spark, in ignorance, it cannot work. In ignorance they cannot even Love themselves, therefore Love anyone else. Only when Humanity awakens can Real Love Only Appear, can they connect into their UNIQUE GOD SPARK AND PARTICIPATE IN THE SYNCHRONOSTIC EVENTS, MAGICAL EVENTS, THAT ARE IN TRUE REALITY, and out of illusion.

In Truth you are A Powerful Being of Love and Light, all Created within Love, which is Creation. YOU ARE ONE WITHIN THE ALL, EQUALLY. Power Over cannot exist in True Reality. In the Brilliance of Reality which is everywhere Now on this Planet the Sun is ALWAYS SHINING Brightly on the ALL who walk in Love, across this Planet. Love is Like the Sun, that Shines Equally ON THE All. In ignorance no one even notices that the Sun is shining. Through the Letting go of all illusion, Humanity will step into this Brilliance. Dawn of a brand New Day.

The Evolution and Freedom that is The Divine Plan Unfolding for All of Humanity Precisely Now, is about Living and Being, The Being Each of US Truly are, THE GOD WITHIN, THAT IS EQUAL TO ALL LOVE IS. So the changes must first begin from within the Inner Being, this is THE ONLY WAY! Once Humanity connects into the Heart Center, which is the connection to the Higher Self, then through this connection, They can embrace WHO THEY TRULY ARE! When connected within the Heart, which occurs only through being completely Present In The Moment Of Now, allows each Being Eternal Life. The Connection from within, is the True Connection To Source, this Is where Humanity Becomes One With Everything Again.

"Humanity has only one option to put away the toys of fantasy and illusion, and then to let go of duality, to step into Multi~Dimensional Reality, where there is Always More and More Grandness of Laughter and Joy, and it only Gets better from there."

~Stay Focused and Grounded into this Present Moment of Now, Where All Love IS~ WE Love YOU~

Mother Gaia

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