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~Awaken and Be Free~

~Awaken and Be Free~

~The God In Me, See's The God In You~

When you first meet me on the street you may not know my name....I am your reflection in the ~Grand scheme of things" are me.....Just a reflection of what Grand is becoming to mean...A Light, A Truth, of Un~conditional Love in Action.....for what I give to you in those moments is me....Naked and Free, Gentle and Kind, honest as can be....Just A reflection of the miracles to come, the future we have all been dreaming of...this beautiful Love..connecting like notes of a beautifully written song....and its true we are heading for magical and I.....Just a reflection to heal and to leave all hearts open....and truth to flood the walls....We are a reflection no need to hide....its time to reveal all of our colors for we are all the light....Healing each other as we look into the eyes...the Windows of our souls is now being realized...we have chosen Love over fear...Just a reflection of the abundance beginning to giant rivers flooding into eternity...together and free....We see the Truth you and I of the brightest Light from above....I see the God in You...I must see it in Me...

Mother Gaia

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