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~THE DIAMOND WITHIN~ THE JOURNEY TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS~ Breaking into pieces, you stand with whatever is left, the very core of who you are, the diamond, the "filling" AHAH THE TRUE BEING OF LIGHT AND LOVE....although you may feel alone as the process unfolds breaking the mind down, it begins falling away because love is present, it recognizes the illusion, and starts taking with it everything you "thought" you were and leads you to the heart of the being, feelings rush in as the true being emerges out of the seemingly destruction of a mind in a box, leaving you with the reconstruction to forge ahead in all its grandness, into divine intelligence. The "mind" which projects outside and has low vibrational thoughts, dissolves so that the divine being can raise up into the true divinity from within, and begin once again "feeling" instead of "thinking" taking the true being into a collective consciousness, a God Consciousness, only the mind thinks[projects outside] and the heart feels from the inside, where God is their within only. Diamonds have beauty and elegance, they shine bright and each facet holds its own uniqueness. Each of you have a beautiful diamond inside, waiting to shine on the planet. Each are the miracle, the magic, and each parts of this whole magnificent design. As you fall apart to be put together again, this is SO WE stand together as one~ Now is the moment to assume your roles in the divine truth of your existence, which has no limits, boundaries or edges, and arise as a whole beautiful Diamond, just like the SUN! The Grandness of just being, then outshines and true love fills all the space, all the gaps of being present in the light and cannot be denied, because divine intelligence is the Brilliance and Light contained within the human HEART and only through the HEART are we all connected as ONE The natural state of the Sun is Brilliance because its being true to itself, being true to oneself is the love within and pouring it outwards, living inside out and then outside back into love, all of creation, love everywhere present. Falling away, the old gets released back into creation and then grace is given as each light stands as a pillar of TRUTH. When you go deep inside you discover the diamond of yourselves this magical miracle of being present, shining bright you forge ahead, displaying your brilliant lights forth into a new story of love forever after, as ONE and uniquely expressed within the new Earth, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Eden in which together, we will co~create in the Divine.

Mother Gaia

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