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Are you....

needing support on your journey
searching for truth & Answers
feeling overwhelmed
emotionally heavy
unsure of what is happening

Don’t panic .. we are here to help!

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Our stability in these moments and through the energies of the Ascension will come from being consistently disciplined with self love practices.  The whole point of the Ascension is to Embody our Higher Selves.  These practices should be our priority.  We were never taught these and most beings have no idea what self love (building a relationship with your higher self) is, we’ve only been taught to focus on the external.  This is the foundation to everything we share here. If you are struggling to assimilate all the information in the guides, to find an anchor point or need support, please book a session through:

Book a session

Please email 
1 on 1 Sessions are £77.77. 


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